Patterned Sweater Dear Combination Green White

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Patterned Sweater Green White Dear Combination

Product Description

Female Mannequin

Height: 172 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Chest: 80 cm
Waist:  75 cm
Hip:  95 cm
Leg Length:  103 cm

Male model

Height: 190 cm
Weight:  90 kg
Chest:  108 cm
Waist:  100  cm
Hip:  100 cm
Leg Length:  110 cm

Female Size: SM
Male Sample Size:  L-XL
Female Product Length:  86 cm
Male Product Length:  68 cm
Product Fabric Type:  Cotton
Product Fabric Content: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
Mold:  Narrow Mold

Fabric Types:

Cotton: It is often preferred because it allows the ter to evaporate and get into the air. Washable in hot water. 
Viscose: It has a high durability. 
Acrylic: Soft, light and comfortable. It is easily washed and dries quickly due to its low moisture absorption. 
Polyester : They do not mix too much and their color durability is high. Lightweight, machine washable. 
Lycra / Elastane: It is a strong, durable, synthetic woven type. It can shrink in hot water. Dry cleaning is recommended. 
Wool: Moisture absorption, does not leave the body out of heat. Dry cleaning only.

NOTE: Dry cleaning is recommended to increase the lifetime of all fabric types except polyester.


  • Season  : Winter
  • Color     : Green White

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