Noise Canceling Headphones

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  • Brand: Palm
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The H510A Headset is very lightweight and offers versatile protection. The low-profile, low-profile headset makes it easy to use with other protective equipment. It can be preferred for short or long use. The wide closure rings are filled with a unique mixture of liquid and foam, ensuring maximum insulation and low contact pressure.
     Easy to carry, lightweight and slim design
     Prevents noise from ear bones
     Adjustable headband
     Degree of Noise Reduction (SNR): 27 dB
     Protection range: 87-98 dB
     180 grams
     CE Approved

Usage areas:

     Daily work (lawn mowing, etc.)
     Sanding works
     Metal workshops
     Light industry
     Layer operations
     Electrical tools
     Continuous sound exposure
     Long-term sound exposure
     Dirty dirty environments

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