Tile Powder

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Tile powders

are obtained by passing special tiles of unsuitable tiles.
Tile powders have always been the preferred material. Because there are no foreign materials, dusts, soil and stone pieces inside the tile dust.
 Where to Use Tile Powder and Roof Tiles
Sports fields come from the beginning. It takes fatigue from the human body due to electrification and also prevents sports injuries. Therefore, in many areas including tennis courts, walking paths, tile dust is used. Also tile dusts are used at the bottom of flowers. Since the tile is soil as a structure, it absorbs the water and gradually gives it out as a result of which the flowers grow and grow healthier. In addition, preventing the pollution of the environment to prevent environmental pollution is prevented. Another area in which tile dusts are used is used for coloring the roofs. In the roofs, the tile powders are mixed with cement and the gray color of the cement is removed from the middle and the ugly appearance is prevented.
Tile dust is becoming more widespread every day. The reason for this is that it is a natural product, it is slippery and flexible, it takes the electrification from the human body and finally it is much cheaper than the synthetic fields.

How to Apply Tile Powder in Sports Areas?

1- The area where the tile dust will be applied must be hard.
2- Drainage should be done by inclining 3%.
3- It is resistant to difficult climatic conditions.
4- In order to prevent the rainwater rainfall from disrupting the application area, 10-15 cm thick sieve on the sieve should be laid and then compacted. Lastly, 5 cm thick again grit is poured back ground hardened.
After the infrastructure is prepared, tile powder is spread at 6-10 cm thickness.
5- After passing through the small cylinder, this tile powder laying should be repeated by sprinkler method.
As a result, tile dust is a healthy, economical product used in many areas of our life.
Tile Powder Properties
Dimensions: 1mm / 4mm - Weight (kg): 1.1 Kg / M³

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