• Construction Boots black

Construction Boots black

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Polly is the boot product. The product is Polly Boot. The product is Polly Boot.
Polly Boot Boots Galaxy 502 K Steel Toe Technical Specifications

It has a steel nose.

The heel is antistatic shock absorbing.
Surface and base are oil resistant.
The boot is waterproof.
The drawing has an electrostatic discharge feature.
The base is non-slip.
The base is resistant to abrasion.
Cold insulation is available in the boot.
Hot Isolation available in boot.
It is resistant to electricity up to 10.000 V.
-25 degree is resistant to cold.
The boot length of Polly Boot is 31cm.
Polly Boot Boots Galaxy 502 K Steel Toe Cap
Hunting and Fishing
Construction Industry
Metal Industry
Marble and Natural Gas Industry
General Purpose Use
Polly Boot Work Boots Galaxy 502 K Steel Toe Cap General Structure
1-2 channel sidewall model provides easy and flexible use.
3-4 For special designs, pillows absorb impacts and provide maximum protection.
5-It allows you to be more comfortable at drawing.
6-With the base pattern that can clean itself, no obstacles between you and the floor you press. Provides a better ignition of mud and similar dirt.
7-About the heel of the shock absorber system is absorbed by absorbing a safer, one and one to keep together.
8-It has superior quality polyurethane lamination and it is produced from antistatic and sweat absorbing synthetic fabric.
Slanting nose with 9-200 joules. Large and high steel nose design makes it more comfortable and transferable. (This standard Steel Toe Boots Restaurant)

Antibacterial Insoles
You will use your boat more with the antistatic outcrop supplied with the product you bought. Teri-absorbing structure and antistatic properties are also available. Shoes according to age, gender, foot and shoe fit, sweating in proportions in days. Ter, humidification to be combined with the net. This moisture and literature is the most suitable environment for the survival and growth of bacteria. Antibacterial Insoles, prevents the formation of moisture and bacteria by absorbing sweat, protects your foot health. Antibacterial Insoles, antistatic property, you receive your product one-to-one.

Why Construction Work Boot
Polyurethane based Polly Boot Work and Safety Boots are more flexible and useful with air bubbles. It is not enough to run the air transfer, to wet your feet, to draw the cold weather in winter and the weather in the winter. It protects the bile of -25, PVC and rubber materials. Polly Boot cloth is 1kg lighter than PVC and rubber boots. PVC and rubber packaging, which gives you 1 kg of surplus at every step taken, is 10 km. Its lightness minimizes the amount of energy spent being processed.
Pooly Boot Work and Safety Boots provide a continuous air transfer with the air permeability of the calculated polyurethane material. It prevents the formation of moisture and bacteria and protects your foot health. Resistant to organic oils, pressure oils and mild chemicals, Polly Bott products are three times more durable and long-lasting than PVC and rubber boots. Absorbent heel and antistatic properties required to increase absorption properties. Pollyboot Polyurethane Boots Similarities are lighter and last longer. Polyurethane is chemically environmentally friendly. It protects your foot health with its air permeable feature. Heat insulated. Safety is antistatic, with steel nose and steel base guards.

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